Echo of Soul Mounts, Pets and much more

Echo of Soul Mounts, Pets and much more from Youtube by GF SirJames I Gamerfuzion, 4,900 views

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Welcome to the Echo of Soul Character Creation, also know as EOS. We show you all the different features that you can change in your character for EOS and how deep is the creating mode. Echo of Soul is a Korean based MMORPG currently being redesigned and developed for NA and EU players and published by Aeria Games. The release date is scheduled for May 2015. Information on this wikia is kept as current as possible but as the game is still in developement, everything is still subject to change. Speculation and unconfirmed information will be removed. Everyone is welcome to come edit and add their knowledge as we learn more about this cool game and wait for release. There are five classes in Echo of Soul. Warrior Master of blades Archer Enigmatic songbird with razor sharp arrows Rogue Lethal solitary shadow Guardian The nymph, warden of nature Sorceress The witch with a spark of magical genius Donations: Right Side (Support) Don't forget to join gamerfuzion to Empower your Gaming! Follow us: Website: Twiiter: Facebook: