GTA: SA - Heist #4 - Cop Wheels

GTA: SA - Heist #4 - Cop Wheels from Youtube by DutchBondFan, 1,177 views

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GTA-SA-俠盜獵車手-聖安地列斯-搶警用摩托車Cop Wheels.wmv
GTA SA Transformers part 4

CJ and the crew continue to work out their master plan to rob Caligula's. Usually, the mob moves its money out of their casino in an armored car escorted by police "outrider" motorcycles. CJ and his crew will need both of these elements to pull of the heist. First, we need to gather up four police bikes! Watch how I fail my mission at the fourth bike! - (I did show you how I managed to pull it of in a second attempt though.) Want to stay updated? Follow me on Twitter: Like my Facebook page: - My Deviantart page: