PCEIC 9.16.16 Meeting Ballot Images and CVR Raw Footage

PCEIC 9.16.16 Meeting Ballot Images and CVR Raw Footage from Youtube by AUDITAZ, 19 views

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Why would Pima County Elections dismantle the audit function of machines federally certified to: 1. create ballot images by scanning the actual ballots, 2. mark the actual ballots with numbers to match encoded corresponding ballot images and then, 3. count the ballot images to get its vote totals, and, 4. uses the ballot images to create a Cast Vote Record (CVR) audit trail that tracks every ballot and all votes cast. All of these good audit features verifying elections have been removed from the system. WHY? How does Pima County keep their federal certification after this alteration? In response to my records request, Brad Nelson stated that there are NO ballot images or CVRs for past two elections. Because we were proactive and filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), ballot images still exist for the August 30th primary. To compile the CVR, ballot images have to be transferred into Election Management System (central tabulators). The CVR should reflect what was reported for the primary election. Pima County’s new system was designed and Federally certified to perform this function. Pima County also will have a better system for write-ins and "We the People" might have a voting system that is Transparent and Publicly Verifiable once ballots images are randomly verified against the original ballots. Pima County Attorney Dan Jurkowitz, in our lawsuit to prevent Pima County from destroying the ballot images, filed an argument claiming that ballot images could be used by voters to confirm the sale of their vote. If this was a genuine concern, Pima County would completely eliminate vote-by-mail, which consists of 85% of the vote. As to the Arizona Secretary of State having very limited powers concerning elections. Just look at Dan Jurkowitz formal "Opinion No. 08-01". He correctly states "Specifically, the Legislature has instructed the Secretary of State to prescribe procedures for "...counting, tabulating and storing ballots." A.R.S. 16-452(A). He is correct as A.R.S. 16-452 provides very limited authority to the Secretary of State. During the Democratic Party's elections records case from the RTA scandal, the Pima County Board of Supervisors scheduled the deposition of the Office of the Arizona Secretary of State. That office produced Joseph Kanefield, the then state director of elections within that office, who opined that they had "no jurisdiction" to examine how any county counted ballots with a computerized system. He further testified that the AZ Secretary of State did not have jurisdiction to even look to see if a county followed their rules designed to protect the election computer server. It was the Board of Supervisors itself that took that deposition. Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry issued memos that appear to use the AZ Secretary of State’s Office as a shield over issues that the Board of Supervisors have already established are not the purview of the Secretary of States’ office. It appears that Huckelberry is attempting to distract the Board of Supervisors from exercising their authority and responsibility over this matter. The Board of Supervisor’s state "we have no authority to declare the scanned images a public record”. This assessment is backwards and nonsensical. All records are public records. The legislature created A.R.S. 39-121, which clearly defines what is public record and has remained unchanged since statehood. There is no question that those images are public records. The only argument relates to whether or not there is a legal basis for not disclosing them despite the fact that they are public records. The county must either find a statute that prevents disclosure or make an argument under the “Carlson Case” which would presume that the board could not carry out their job if the public obtained copies of the images. If they have such an argument, they should fork it over. “We the People demand that Elections Are Transparent and Public Verifiable. These ballot images should be put on line by precinct and the public should have the right to verify and then use Dr Philp Shark method of “Risk Limiting Audits” and then verifying a few images against the original ballots. 40% of our country may have ballot images. Respectively, John R Brakey and Bill Risner Esq To Pima County Election Integrity Commission: Friday, September 16, 2016 John Brakey speaking at PC EIC: https://youtu.be/4s_c0OlzwQw Long version of meeting Friday 46 minutes going into Ballot images and how they work with the Cast Vote Record (CVR): https://youtu.be/IhaoXd1C03M Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency, Arizona & Special task force leader for Citizens Oversight for Verifiable Elections. Our main site: www.ElectionNightMares.com My personal: https://www.facebook.com/john.r.brakey https://www.youtube.com/user/AUDITAZ